Self-Kickflipping Skateboard!
Piloting a GIANT MECH!
Prieš 5 mėnesių
JET ENGINE CANOE! (World's Fastest!)
Prieš 7 mėnesių
Wolverine Bone Claws VS CONCRETE!
Prieš 8 mėnesių
Building Iron Man's Workshop!
Upgrading our Server with LINUS...
Swinging From Web Shooters!
Prieš 9 mėnesių
Prieš 10 mėnesių
Just Cause Grappling Hook!
Prieš metus
Thanos Sword Build!
Prieš metus
Flying a JET SUIT!
Prieš metus
Spy Car Flamethrower Exhaust!
Person Prieš 16 val
*government* would like to access you location
Alexandru Leoveanu
Alexandru Leoveanu Prieš 16 val
Make the Doom eternal doom blade
NOTA - Prieš 16 val
You should make the drones from asergent
Willard Baxter
Willard Baxter Prieš 16 val
Is there a way to make a rc car that hovers that can be controlled to go the way you want it to go instead of having to kinda push it along like the hover board? It would be a good thing to try for scientific purposes. Instead of using electric motors what if you made it hydraulic actuated motors that way there is a buffer to take that resistance. You can use a nitro powered rc car and use its motor to power the pump. Or use the existing drive train to move the magnets with a stand alone system to put the brakes at each wheel to control the final output speed for better control. I am bad at explaining what I mean so maybe you'll kinda get what I'm trying to say and can run with it. You can make a mini Lola or DeLorean that could actually hover
LitBricks Prieš 17 val
I wonder if he still hearts comments
M!ster Turtl3
M!ster Turtl3 Prieš 17 val
Shnookums Prieš 17 val
Bro these guys need to make the 3 dimensional maneuver gear from aot.
Raimonds Skangalis
Raimonds Skangalis Prieš 17 val
At 9:00 did the flame thrower catch on fire
mikey ambrozevitch
mikey ambrozevitch Prieš 17 val
Everyone knows that an F150 would win against a scale down model cyber truck you stupid if you think that’s real
Joshua Torres
Joshua Torres Prieš 17 val
People who were here before the first lightsaber he ever built 👈👇
GetRecktM8 13
GetRecktM8 13 Prieš 17 val
Whatever happened to the iron man helmet giveaway
Mark Weber
Mark Weber Prieš 17 val
Wow. Do this every year, because there are many I'm noticing I missed and plan to go back and find them.
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries Prieš 17 val
We have, this is #5 ;)
Flying Kiwi
Flying Kiwi Prieš 17 val
Next Project The real Iron Man Boots that can makes you fly
Cesco Prieš 17 val
pure shit
A. Helecomb
A. Helecomb Prieš 17 val
You should team up with Lazer video
Muhammad shahzad
Muhammad shahzad Prieš 17 val
im not tryna be an ass but a real lightsaber is nowhere near that but for real life its super cool
Moy Mo
Moy Mo Prieš 17 val
So sleep is holding us back from achieving dreams😲
Nathan Stokes
Nathan Stokes Prieš 17 val
Hacksmith you should build a spider-man suit mask and all!
george spencer
george spencer Prieš 17 val
When will it be possible to have enough power to gain speed and lift higher ?
Jay Sheth
Jay Sheth Prieš 17 val
it was great to have you around this year...... thanks a lot for putting in so much efforts for giving out amazing content even during the super tough times
Jakey Productions
Jakey Productions Prieš 17 val
If the apocalypse hits I know where to go
Writer Kaz
Writer Kaz Prieš 17 val
Fun fact, so far the hacksmith actually hasnt worked with lasers since this video (the retractable lightsaber is a flamethrower technically)
Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi Prieš 17 val
I'm watching this video in 2021
Ben Nash
Ben Nash Prieš 17 val
Is it just me imagining god welcoming James to heaven and looking at his biography: Died of: deathstar explosion Near death count: 9000+
Jake McGowan
Jake McGowan Prieš 17 val
Sounds like colin needs what hacksmith now has, a massive facility and loads of employes
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries Prieš 17 val
Nah, I think he likes being a backyard tinkerer. He could have grown into a business if he wanted to
Tautological Revelations: The Light of Discipline
Tautological Revelations: The Light of Discipline Prieš 17 val
The Virgin «Oxford-City, Bojo's Little-Playground» V.S. the Chad «Oxford-City, Reykjavík, Iceland, The Principality of Ísland 🇮🇸, The Kalmar Union, The Nordic Council.» If have an issue with this, you can take this-up with Lord-Elrond himself.
The Official Pug
The Official Pug Prieš 17 val
how much is the iron man helmit
Enrique perez
Enrique perez Prieš 17 val
why you do that didnt you want it shouldve kept it
Lisa Nelson
Lisa Nelson Prieš 17 val
He is not fit to plasma cut after that many redbulls 😬 2:18
GABI00X Prieš 17 val
Can you make a french undertitle for this year please
Mmmk Allright
Mmmk Allright Prieš 17 val
When the disabled kid has had enough
Mrmcgames Prieš 17 val
Cool. Also can it make pizza?
Mauricio Nero
Mauricio Nero Prieš 17 val
Go on bro! You are awesome
Lieutenant Poutine Sandwich
Lieutenant Poutine Sandwich Prieš 17 val
james almost died 4 times last year
anna chernishoff
anna chernishoff Prieš 17 val
For 2021 can you and your team make the mandolin armor, thx hack smith
BigBrainTime Prieš 17 val
I think you are the real life iron man
ömer Prieš 17 val
pro man nice
Jesse Carstensen
Jesse Carstensen Prieš 17 val
Well I'm glad someone out there is doing big things with their life so I don't have to, what a relief. Thanks for taking the load off my shoulders, now I can chill and play video games!
Captain Hawking Republic Forge
Captain Hawking Republic Forge Prieš 18 val
OOOOOOOH!!! Is there a stun setting?
TATAN MACHINE Prieš 18 val
You should do the avatar big robots
Jwing Bat15
Jwing Bat15 Prieš 18 val
Make a back to the future car
nova nova
nova nova Prieš 18 val
I fear no man but that thing it scares me _heavy 2012
Boss Lite 23
Boss Lite 23 Prieš 18 val
Buna de crăpat lemne
Romeo albino
Romeo albino Prieš 18 val
Dude,man,bro please shave off your beard
Ian Fanning
Ian Fanning Prieš 18 val
i love your videos it is fun to watch you make these things :)
TJIconer Prieš 18 val
Hovering over a plate WOW 🤗
Bryton Reed
Bryton Reed Prieš 18 val
Maybe you can get self lesting shoes, a jacket like that, a shiny cap like that, and that hover board.
Christian Eliha
Christian Eliha Prieš 18 val
One person in this world that that the light was Jesus
Satellites Squad
Satellites Squad Prieš 18 val
I think you find a way to get away from police legally without getting caught
Alen .H
Alen .H Prieš 18 val
Hei! are this engins strong enough to push a person uphill ?
Lordmonocr Prieš 18 val
First they make a lightsaber... now a hoverboard... what is the batmobile next? with engines to make it go fast and actually go far in the air?
Satellites Squad
Satellites Squad Prieš 18 val
Imagine driving with this on top of you car light on behind a cop or the highway .
Alikcraft 01
Alikcraft 01 Prieš 18 val
Invert your eyes its James without his beard
Jk Jensen
Jk Jensen Prieš 18 val
Sensationalizing and rewarding working late and on weekends is not cool.
Nuradin Muhidin
Nuradin Muhidin Prieš 18 val
that was epic how did you break the stone
Kai Heidewald
Kai Heidewald Prieš 18 val
You guy are so awesome and inspired me so much
Saberlight gaming
Saberlight gaming Prieš 18 val
stormbreaker isn't like the hammer. it doesn't require worthyness
Robin Klose
Robin Klose Prieš 18 val
Make a cyborg “costume” with Working guns and cyborg things
lian lily
lian lily Prieš 18 val
Solo hack solo no just kidding are you kidding me!?
Paata Azmaifarashvili
Paata Azmaifarashvili Prieš 18 val
I think we should talk about him ALMOST DYING
Satellites Squad
Satellites Squad Prieš 18 val
Jimmy why isn’t the flashlight working?
MrMcGiblets1 Prieš 18 val
Which engineering degree did you get? Mechanical, electrical, other?
Krew Squadz
Krew Squadz Prieš 18 val
So Satisfying To Me :D
itz gaming_pro3
itz gaming_pro3 Prieš 18 val
In the future these people will make a working iron man suit which would be crazy.
Windows Braker
Windows Braker Prieš 18 val
You've been the Choosen one !!!
utahraptor Prieš 18 val
send the brightest flashlight to markiplier he made a video a month ago on the worlds brightest flashlight he could find
RaWr0wKeY Prieš 18 val
That's really underwhelming, sadly disappointing compared to your other builds.
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries Prieš 17 val
Welcome to the reality of physics man... even accomplishing a 2cm hover is a lot more than many attempts on this project. I'd consider it very successful
Drake Koinm
Drake Koinm Prieš 18 val
Make it twice as long, but a bipod on it, buff up the Coils. It could be deadly.
ErickPlayzs Prieš 18 val
Does it work I hope it's just a toy
ErickPlayzs Prieš 18 val
Potato List
Potato List Prieš 18 val
my soul hurts watching this that poor board
Bryton Reed
Bryton Reed Prieš 18 val
Monster legends has two different Mr. Beast monsters!
Omar Ibrahim
Omar Ibrahim Prieš 18 val
Bro is new light saber is flames coming out a stick
Will Barclay
Will Barclay Prieš 18 val
The motor controllers didn't support a current limit?!
Stop motion with Kelan Mimbela
Stop motion with Kelan Mimbela Prieš 18 val
You should make the dark saber from the Mandalorian
J -Motions
J -Motions Prieš 18 val
NFL I thought he just didn't want to cut his hair XD
Jacob Cairns
Jacob Cairns Prieš 18 val
is it possible to buy a pair